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Education programme for technical skills

This education programme trains you for more than 50 vocations in the technical and electro-mechanical industry, the ship-building industry, the textile and ready-made clothing industry, the car industry, chemical processing industry and the oil industry. You may become an aluminium designer/maker, welder and toolmaker, bookbinder, graphical printer, locksmith, seaman, ship engine engineer, industrial sewing operator, operator in the ready-made clothing industry, construction machinery mechanic, crane and lifting gear operator, vehicle body repairman, vehicle mechanic, operator in chemical or metallurgical processing industry, laboratory technician, or drilling and well operator.

You should prefer practical work and have good manual skills, and you should be able to work independently and accurately and be interested in new technology.


Teknikk og industriell produksjon

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Here you will find resources, texts and interactive  tasks for all the chapters in your textbook. You will also find lots of useful texts and links in Toolbox.